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Open command prompt as System

If you are developing services, or schedule tasks, you must have wanted to run the process as system during debuging. The otherwise long process of setting your process up to run as system is easy solved by the following command:

psexec -i -s cmd.exe

this will launch a new cmd.exe as system. Fire away your program/visual studio or anthing you wish to run under system creds now.

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Google App Engine Tip – Programmatically get AppName and Version

If you ever wondered how to get the AppName and Version of a gae app programmatically (inside the python script itself), here are 2 ways to get it:

returns: the path of the app + version.
returns: the path of the app + version + scriptname

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Bestwp7Games review of ‘Color Blast’, and it’s a blast.

Our idea to give something fresh to the wp7 gamers, we believe, is finally showing up.

When we started, the very first statement I remember saying was “Take a very simple pick-up-and-play game. Don’t make it too complicated. Instead concentrate on the Online game play.

Get that experience correct, and the game will look cool on its own”. So, we just took inspiration from bejeweled, falling blocks. Kept it simple and stupid. Anyone can play, and you never ever get stuck during the game.

Now – We just got reviewed by the folks at “”. Here are some highlights

 This game has a server gameplay….  This definitely is the feature that sets this game apart. Highly enjoyable.”

“The cool thing about this is its multi player… which is way awesome….”

“This is almost the type of thing we expect out of a good xbox live title… ”

“This really is a true alternative to collapse in the marketplace… kudos to the developer”

Check out the text review here :

And the video review here :


my HP Touchpad is now Touchdroid

just got this incredibly sweet port of android to Hp touchpad by Cynogen. And the alpha 2 is pretty sweet. Not many issues so far. Enjoying it hugely.

Here are the steps from Cynogen:

For simpler steps, check this out :


Steve Jobs

Sad day.

I lost a mentor. Like many, I did not know I loved Steve Jobs as much as i am feeling now, until now.

The strongest feeling running through me – is that of Jealousy. I amJjealous of him, the way he wrapped up his story.

I don’t want to live like anybody else except myself, but I want to die like Steve Jobs. At the pinnacle of creativity, Zenith of potential. Peaceful and satisfied.

For geeks, this is what martyrdom means.

Day one of Color Blast, in the wild

Our new game Color Blast was online on marketplace and day one went without any glitches.

This is a 2 Minute Online Game, which we are promoting as TMOGs – a new Category of games. Why? Because seriously it is a new class of games.

If you haven’t had already had a chance of meeting it, here is the gameplay video

Here are a couple of interesting stats

  • Number of Unique Players played the game : 221
  • Number of Games Played Across the Globe : 3100+ !!! That’s a big number for day One.

And reviews are pouring in as well. And one thing is common in all reviews – Addictive!!

Windy – Divvy alternative for Windows

Update: 1/10/21. windy is now beta2, and has moved to codeplex :

Windy is Divvy for Windows platform.

A lot searches later, I found that there was no real divvy (MAC) alternative for windows. So, 2 days later i have this, which is exactly divvy – but for windows. What is Windy? Since the idea is from Divvy, it is only fair to use a similar tone – Managing windows on Windows can be frustrating, requiring precision control of your mouse or trackpad for clicking, dragging, pushing and pulling your windows to the size and position you desire. Even with all this work, it’s very difficult to get windows exactly where you want them, so most of the time windows are left scattered all over the screen. The solution? Windy.
Windy is an entirely new way of managing your workspace, originally created by divvy for MAC.It allows you to quickly and efficiently “Windy up” your screen into exact portions.

With the Windy interface it’s as simple as a single click and drag in the Windy interface and your window will be resized and moved to a relative portion of the screen. If that seems like too much work, you can go ahead and create as many different shortcuts as you’d like that resize and move your windows.
Windy is designed to be quick, simple and elegant.
for a divvy demo – go here –

Quick start. Install from

Launch windy from start menu.

Press Alt+Shift to bring up windy blocks.

To change settings – Right click the windy icon on the system tray area (date time area) and select “settings”

here is the settings dialog