Bestwp7Games review of ‘Color Blast’, and it’s a blast.

Our idea to give something fresh to the wp7 gamers, we believe, is finally showing up.

When we started, the very first statement I remember saying was “Take a very simple pick-up-and-play game. Don’t make it too complicated. Instead concentrate on the Online game play.

Get that experience correct, and the game will look cool on its own”. So, we just took inspiration from bejeweled, falling blocks. Kept it simple and stupid. Anyone can play, and you never ever get stuck during the game.

Now – We just got reviewed by the folks at “”. Here are some highlights

 This game has a server gameplay….  This definitely is the feature that sets this game apart. Highly enjoyable.”

“The cool thing about this is its multi player… which is way awesome….”

“This is almost the type of thing we expect out of a good xbox live title… ”

“This really is a true alternative to collapse in the marketplace… kudos to the developer”

Check out the text review here :

And the video review here :



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