Windy – Divvy alternative for Windows

Update: 1/10/21. windy is now beta2, and has moved to codeplex :

Windy is Divvy for Windows platform.

A lot searches later, I found that there was no real divvy (MAC) alternative for windows. So, 2 days later i have this, which is exactly divvy – but for windows. What is Windy? Since the idea is from Divvy, it is only fair to use a similar tone – Managing windows on Windows can be frustrating, requiring precision control of your mouse or trackpad for clicking, dragging, pushing and pulling your windows to the size and position you desire. Even with all this work, it’s very difficult to get windows exactly where you want them, so most of the time windows are left scattered all over the screen. The solution? Windy.
Windy is an entirely new way of managing your workspace, originally created by divvy for MAC.It allows you to quickly and efficiently “Windy up” your screen into exact portions.

With the Windy interface it’s as simple as a single click and drag in the Windy interface and your window will be resized and moved to a relative portion of the screen. If that seems like too much work, you can go ahead and create as many different shortcuts as you’d like that resize and move your windows.
Windy is designed to be quick, simple and elegant.
for a divvy demo – go here –

Quick start. Install from

Launch windy from start menu.

Press Alt+Shift to bring up windy blocks.

To change settings – Right click the windy icon on the system tray area (date time area) and select “settings”

here is the settings dialog


4 thoughts on “Windy – Divvy alternative for Windows

  1. td says:

    I was wondering how you go about changing the grid size on the new version listed on codeplex.

    Great tool. If I had a multiple monitor setup, it’d probably be even more useful.

    BTW found your site after watching a Emacs screencast which mention Divvy. Other tools I had tired on windows just have weren’t as flexible.

    • satishlalam says:

      well, we just made it standard with 6×6 tile grid. Some users did not want so many options, so we had to cut atleast half a dozen customizations from settings, so that the user doesnt have too much on his hands for a small tool like windy.
      but we are listening, and if we hear strong feedback that windy is be better with tile cusomization, then it will be back.
      Windy does support multiple monitors. Just press control, when your mouse is in the monitor where you want to move your windows to. That would center windy to the center of that screen. Then just resize the window on the tiles and it will snap to your current monitor. It is a different approach from divvy which shows up on a all screens.

  2. td says:

    Can you add a Basic and Advanced switch for folks who want a little more customization?


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